Crow Moon by Anna McKerrow

Crow MoonGenre: YA Fantasy
Pages: 384
Publisher: Quercus
Source: UKYA Extravaganza
Format: Paperback
Rating: 5 stars
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Danny is a fun-loving 16-year-old looking for a father figure and falling in love with a different girl every day. He certainly doesn’t want to follow in his mum’s witchy footsteps.

Just as his community is being threatened by gangs intent on finding a lucrative power source to sell to the world, Danny discovers he is stunningly powerful. And when he falls for Saba, a gorgeous but capricious girl sorceress, he thinks maybe the witch thing might not be such a bad idea…

But what cost will Danny pay as, with his community on the brink of war, he finds that love and sorcery are more dangerous than he ever imagined?


It took me so long to finish this book. Not because it wasn’t good. It was so very good but I just simply was not in the mood to read a fantasy book. However, in the last couple of days I committed myself to finishing it and I’m so happy I did. I loved the whole book for many reasons.

The first reason has to be because of the world. The world that Anna McKerrow has created is unique and just so wonderful to read about. I loved how we learnt more about the world as the book went on. There wasn’t a whole lot of info dumping but we learnt along the way and this wasn’t because the main character didn’t know himself, he did but we gradually learnt more as the protagonist learnt about the importance of certain things.

Going off of that, another reason I loved this book was because of the protagonist. I have very rarely read from the perspective of a male in YA and I loved how refreshing it was. I loved seeing the insides of Danny’s mind and seeing him deal with a lot of issues that in YA we generally see as being issues that the female has to deal with. The side characters were also amazing. I especially loved Melz because I found her really intriguing and unique along with Omar. I wasn’t too keen on Saba but I feel like I will start liking her a lot more as the books go on.

The writing in this book reflected the book perfectly. I felt like it perfectly represented the inside of a teenage boy’s mind(though I’m not one myself so I’m no expert!) and it was both beautiful yet gripping. The battle scenes had me gripped from start to finish and when there was a battle going on, I did not want to put it down.

I strongly recommend this book and I definitely hope that you will all pick it up. I have to wait a year for the sequel but I’m sure I can cope… maybe. I’m definitely highly anticipated the sequel now!


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