Chelley Reviews Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

It’s no secret that I love Bollywood and I’ve been trying to get my Twitter friends to watch Bollywood movies for months now with no success. So I thought I’d make it into a blog post series. I contacted a bunch of my Twitter friends and I asked them to watch a Bollywood film that I specified and review it for me, in any way, shape or form. For the Bollywood movie, I picked Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge(The Big-Hearted Will Take Away His Bride) as for my generation it is probably THE classic Bollywood movie. This year it is 20 years old but it is still shown in Indian cinemas. It is also on Netflix so it was easy to access for most people. So here I am with the next review which is by Chelley, a blogger at Tales of Yesterday who is really damn awesome. I will now pass onto Chelley to tell you her thoughts and opinions on DDLJ.

I will admit I cannot recall watching a Bollywood film before.  I don’t even know why?  When Sofia mentioned about running a Bollywood feature on her blog I was super excited especially as Sofia said she would pick the perfect one for me to watch as an introduction to Bollywood.  I trusted Sofia’s judgement.  She knows me so well as I absolutely loved the film she picked for me!

The film Sofia picked was called Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (The Big-Hearted Will Take Away the Bride) and Sofia informed me it was a classic Bollywood love story.

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge was released twenty years ago back in 1995 and is in fact the longest running film in India as it is still in Indian cinemas to this day!  That in itself is just mind blowing and shows how much people love this film and hold it close to their hearts.


Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge is a love story which begins in London about a young rich happy go lucky man can Raj and a woman called Simran who respects her father’s Indian values, but dreams of a stranger in her dreams who she will fall in love with.  Raj and Simran meet on a month long trip in Europe which Simran’s father has allowed her to go on before she is set to be married to her childhood fiancé.  Much to Simran’s initial disgust Raj and Simran are thrown together and at first Raj plays pranks on Simran, but eventually they fall in love.  When Simran returns home her father finds out that she has fallen in love with another man and whisks her away to be married returning to her Father’s homeland after twenty years, but Raj follows and vows to win Simran’s family over all without revealing his love for Simran and to win their hearts all for love.

in big places small things happen

What I loved about this film was….Oh can I just say all of it?

I felt every look of love, every tear shed, every smile, every laugh, every movement and every word the characters spoke or sang.

I loved how the song that Simran sings at the start becomes a kind of theme tune between Simran and Raj and is that catchy you will find yourself humming it in the shower like I did!

Kajol who plays Simran is stunningly beautiful and I found myself drawn into her eyes and her mesmerising smile.  The chemistry between her and Shah Rukh Khan who plays Raj is just electric and perfect.

Shah Rukh Khan who plays happy go lucky Raj captured my heart completely.  He had me swooning all over the place!  His cheeky grin and winks to the camera had my heart beating.  His pranks and wind ups on Simran at every opportunity made be laugh.  I think I fell a little in love with him but don’t tell Sofia *whispers – she loves him too*


I have so many favourite scenes in this movie, but I particularly loved the scene when Raj and Simran first meet on the train and they get stuck in the train compartment together.  The scene is so funny and also gave me a first impression of Raj as a bit of a ladies man trying to chat Simran up with chat up lines he uses all the time.   It made me laugh and shout for joy when Simran clearly has none of it.  I grew to love Raj over the course of the Europe trip and just like Simran I had completely fell in love with him by the time the two characters returned to London.

Other scenes I loved include a piano scene after Raj chats up Simran’s friend at the start of their Europe trip with the same chat up line as he used on her, but also boasting how he can play the piano.  The scene is just gold!

Another character I loved was Raj’s Dad.  After Raj fails his graduation his Dad is still so proud of him.  His Dad want Raj to go and live the youth he never had, but also wants his son to be happy.  When Raj’s Dad finds out about Simran he encourages Raj to chase his love and even ends up trying to help.  It is a true bond between Father and son.

okay I'm gone crying

I also adored the bond between Simran and her mother.  Her mother wants Simran to be happy and wishes for a different way of life for her daughter in this evolving world and the realisation in her mothers eyes when she realises this may not ever be possible brought tears to my eyes.  Yes it made me cry!

SRK come on

Whilst Raj seems to break traditions with his happy go lucky personality deep down he does value tradition and rather than taking the easy option to win his love he throws himself into helping Simran’s family with wedding preparations and trying to gain approval from Simran’s family (although they do not know that he is the boy Simran loves) and will not give in.  His love for Simran is so strong that he will not falter until he has won over her Father, a traditional man who has set traditions and routines for his culture.

I never leave my house

It is just so perfect!

This may have been my first step into watching a Bollywood film but it certainly will not be my last.  I can’t wait for Sofia’s next recommendation!

Oh wow!  I have written so much about this film!  That’s how much I loved it!  I could go on and tell you about how I loved the bell scenes, the fight scene or even the lipstick on Raj’s chest scene, but I guess you will have to go and discover these for yourself.  You won’t regret it!  You too will fall in love with this film…..and of course Shah Rukh Khan!


DDLJ train scene ending

Isn’t that just great? I love how everyone so far is falling in love with Bollywood! I can’t wait to see what they think of some of the other ones that they may watch.

2 thoughts on “Chelley Reviews Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge”

  1. I think it’s BRILLIANT that you guys are getting into Bollywood movies. These are movies that my parents and I have grown up around, and it’s so great that you loved them too!

    Looking forward to more!

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