Review Policy

Hello! If you’re an author or publisher who has found this blog, I am happy to accept any review copies of books. I mainly only accept physical copies though depending on the book, I may accept an e-book edition. Generally, I read mainly YA novels and I will read any YA novels. I may accept some adult and new adult books as long as they interest me. I will also accept children’s books, again only if they interest me.

I will always write honest reviews no matter what. If I don’t like a book, I will say. However I will be polite and I try to mention the good parts of every book(there always are some good parts). However, it may take me a while to write a review for a book and I may decide to not review it at all. It is within my right to do so as blogging is my hobby and I do not want to feel as if I am being pressured to read a book.

My reviews will be posted here on my blog and I am happy to post my review on Amazon if you would like me to.

Please feel free to contact me:

Twitter: @SofiaSaghir


Thank you 🙂


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