My Top Celebrity Crushes

I’m doing this list because I have so many male celebrities that I fangirl and obsess over. This is going to be in no specific order(except the fact that the first person is my ultimate obsession). Also these explanations are going to be quite brief and very fangirly so beware.

Grant Gustin:

Grant Gustin will always and forever be my number one obsession in life. I love him and I obsess over him a lot. Ever since he appeared in Glee, I’ve been in love with him. Sebastian was one of my favourite characters despite the fact that he was crazy and annoying. I then watched everything with him in(except 90210 because I didn’t have the motivation to watch it) and I’m currently watching Arrow so that I can see his episodes and so that I can be prepared for The Flash. Not many people know who Grant is but now that he is going to be playing the lead character in the Flash more people will know him and I’m so happy for him. He deserves all the recognition he gets. Also his face. And his voice. And him in general.


Darren Criss:

I have loved Darren again ever since he appeared on Glee. I then watched AVPM and fell even more in love with him. Darren is an amazing person who is bloody attractive and can sing amazingly. Have you heard him singing? You really should hear him. He sings amazingly. He is just all round fabulousness.


Dylan O’Brien:

Now I didn’t realise how fabulous Dylan was until season 3 of teen wolf. I’m not a fan of a buzz cut so when he finally got hair, I was like damnnn! But I always knew he was a fabulous and amazing person. He’s so funny(as shown through his youtube channel). I just love him but now everyone likes him and it’s a bit overwhelming. He’s so bloody adorable though and Stiles is my favourite character.


Zac Efron:

This one is a given right? Who is not obsessed with him? I’ve been in love with him ever since High School Musical came out. He’s just too damn awesome.


Andrew Garfield:

I love Spider-Man and I have to admit that when they announced a new one I was a bit wary. But ever since I saw it, I have been in love with the movies and Andrew Garfield. He is fabulous and Garstone is just the cutest. I love his hair as well and I will forever be mourning the loss of it(I REALLY DON’T LIKE BUZZCUTS)


Ed Westwick:

I am a big fan of Gossip Girl and Chuck Bass is my ultimate babe. I loved him in it. I also love Ed Westwick’s voice. He narrates the Clockwork Prince audiobook so I can hear his voice narrate one of my favourite books so yay!


Alexander Vlahos:

I’m a big Merlin fan and when Alexander Vlahos appeared in series 5, I fell in love. So when I realised that this will be the only season he would be in, I became sad. He is incredibly cute and an amazing actor.


Daniel Sharman:

Isaac was my second favourite character in Teen Wolf, behind Stiles. Daniel Sharman is just so amazing and funny and cute. I’m sad that he isn’t in Teen Wolf anymore because I honestly do really like him. He also narrates the Clockwork Princess audiobook so I can hear even more of his beautiful voice!


Benedict Cumberbatch:

I think this is another self explanatory one. I think anyone who watches Sherlock is in love with Benedict Cumberbatch. He is absolutely fabulous obviously and his voice is beautiful.


There are quite a few others such as Robert Sheehan, Chris Colfer and Shane West but these are the main few that I obsess over a lot. I think this post just shows that I really can’t explain my love for my favourite celebrities very well.I apologize for my lack of explanation. I just love them all so much and it’s hard to explain why.Nevertheless, I loved doing this and I’m trying out putting gifs into my posts. I think I like putting gifs in because I’ve always loved them. I’ll see you guys soon with another post.