Top 10 Films of 2019

2020 was not a good year for films for me. I sort of fell out of love with Bollywood so I haven’t been watching many. I watched in total 28 films this year so sadly, wasn’t a greay year. However, I still have a top ten here for you because I loved some of the films I did watch.

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Top 19 Books of 2019

I can’t believe 2019 is over. How are we in a new decade?! I can’t wait to see what 2020 holds for me but first I need to wrap up 2019. Today, I am bringing you my top 19 books of 2019. This is a very mish mash list of genres and it’s unlike any list I’ve made in previous years. There is also a number of audiobooks as well which is unusual for me. For the first year in ages, there is no Cassandra Clare book on this list. Whilst I loved Red Scrolls of Magic and Ghosts of the Shadow Market, they didn’t quite feel like favourites of the year compared to the rest of them. I also thought Wayward Son would be on this list but sadly it isn’t. Anyway, here are my favourite books of 2019. Any series that I read this year is only one entry in this list just to make it easier.

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End of 2019 Book Survey

Every single year, it is a tradition that I have to complete the end of year book survey created by The Perpetual Page Turner so I obviously had to do it this year. It’s one of the most perfect ways to summarise my reading and blogging year.

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2020 Simon and Schuster Reviews

So this isn’t something I’ve done before but when I sat down to review Loveboat, Taipei, I realised that the next 4 books I was reading were all 2020 Simon and Schuster UK releases so I thought why not combine all 4 and do mini reviews of each of their upcoming novels for next year. This contains a wide range of books, including 2 highly anticipated novels by beloved American authors, an American debut and a UKYA debut so there’s something here for everyone.

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2020 Physical TBR

I am determined to get my physical TBR down in 2020. I say this every year but it seems more doable this year. I’ve unhauled a lot of books that have been on my TBR for a while so I’m honestly interested in all of these books. Today, I’m going to be sharing all of the books that are on my TBR going into 2020, that hopefully I will cut down in 2020. I am only going to be explaining some of these because otherwise, I will be here for years.

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Most Anticipated Film Releases of 2020

There are significantly less films I am excited for in 2020 compared to books. This is probably because my interest in films has severely gone down in the last year but I still have a few films that I am interested in that are releasing next year.

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Most Anticipated Book Releases of 2020

There are so many amazing books coming out next year, I can’t quite believe it. I was debating about whether or not to cut this list down to my most anticipated but I want to keep it as long as possible to give you all some recommendations that you may have never heard of. This list does not include any 2020 releases that I have been lucky enough to receive ARCs of because I will probably get to those before the end of the year.

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November Wrap Up

November was a jam packed month and I can’t believe that we only have one month left of this year. It’s slightly crazy because this month feels like a complete blur. I ended up reading a lot this month and seeing a bunch of theatre shows so it’s kinda long blog post today, which is unusual for my recent wrap ups.

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Pernia Pop Up Launch

This is quite late in going up but I had the privilege of being invited to the launch of Pernia pop up in London on the 9th of November. Sadly I couldn’t go but I had a friend go in my place to check the new shop out.


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