January 2020

2020 is a new year and a new decade. I am hoping that I will be able to keep up with the wrap ups this year so let’s start with January. I read quite a few books but not enough considering I was off of university all month. However, I still want to talk about them so here are my opinions on the books I read this year.


The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren and The Hating Game by Sally Thorne

At the beginning of the year, I was in a reading slump so I decided to start it off by re-reading two of my favourite adult romance novels. Both of these are incredibly fast paced enemies to lovers romance novels that I am obsessed with and I will continue to re-read them forever.

My Heart and Other Black Holes by Jasmine Warga

I then decided to read one of the oldest, if not the oldest, books on my TBR. It’s a really short novel about suicide and whilst it was fast paced, I just felt like it was lacking something. I wanted more development of the relationships and the characters as a whole. I wanted more from the climax and also just more in general. It felt very cliche but it was written a few years ago. If I read it when I picked it up in 2015, I probably would have loved it but not as much now. – 3 out of 5 stars.

Of Curses and Kisses by Sandhya Menon

This was one of my most anticipated releases of the year and I was so excited when I received a Netgalley ARC. I have previously enjoyed all of Sandhya Menon’s past work so I was intrigued to see how it would translate into this new world. Ultimately, I was slightly disappointed but that was entirely my own fault. Whilst I loved so many aspects of this novel, I realised quite quickly that I’m not a huge fan of Beauty and the Beast retellings. I just felt like in this book, like in most BATB retellings, the romance was very quick and also the main love interest was quite bland. I didn’t see the attraction at all. That being said, I loved Jaya as a character and her feistiness was amazing. I loved the relationship between the two sisters and also the exploration of the idea of doing whatever is best for your family. I also really enjoyed the friendship circle and the drama that comes with a boarding school full of rich people. The Gossip Girl vibes made me very happy. Overall, this book was good but just not my cup of tea. I will definitely carry on with the series though to see what the other books are like. – 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Come Tumbling Down by Seanan McGuire

I adore this series, especially listening to them on audiobook. As soon as the fifth book was available on Scribd, I decided to start listening to it and it’s truly got me back into listening to audiobooks. These books are so short but quick and enjoyable. I especially loved this book because we returned to Jack and Jill who were my favourite characters in the original books. I don’t know if there is going to be any more of these books, but I’m hoping there are. – 4 out of 5 stars.

Lucky Caller by Emma Mills

After that, I decided to read a fun and cute YA romance so I picked up this new release and it was really fun! I’ve never read any of Emma Mills’ releases before but I had a feeling I would enjoy this one. I wish it was a bit more romance focused but I still loved the mix of family drama and romance. – 4 out of 5 stars.

Tweet Cute by Emma Lord

I was then in the mood for another new YA romance so I picked up this new release and I really loved it. It is definitely one of my new favourite YA romance books that I think I will re-read many times in the future. – 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Heartstopper Volume 3 by Alice Oseman

Next I managed to find an early copy of the new Heartstopper volume and read it straight away. I love this series because Nick and Charlie are completely adorable. I also love Alice Osmean talks about serious topics within a lighthearted graphic novel series. I can’t believe I have to wait until 2021 for the next volume. – 5 out of 5 stars.


What Men Want 

This was a really stupid film that I watched whilst on holiday in Italy and it was so incredibly dumb but also just entertaining. I didn’t need to pay much attention to it but it was interesting at least. It served its purpose which was just mindless entertainment so I can’t really complain. – 3 out of 5 stars.

Little Women

I have always thought I hated Little Women. It was the first book I was forced to read and the first classic I read and I hated it because I found it boring. However, after hearing everyone rave about the film, I realised my issues with it are probably not related to the book itself so I thought I’d go and watch the film and I fell in love with it. I want to re-watch it again and also it’s now made me want to read the book again. I really loved Jo as a character and I especially loved the family aspect of it. I can’t stop thinking about it. – 4.5 out of 5 stars.

So that was what I read and watched this month. What was your favourite read of the month? Let me know down below.

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