Why I Love Crazy Ex Girlfriend

It’s been a while since I talked about a TV show on my blog. To be perfectly honest, I lost my love for a lot of TV shows simply because I have no patience anymore to watch an episode every week and I prefer to just binge watch a whole season in one go. However, one show that stayed with me throughout is Crazy Ex Girlfriend, which is probably my favourite TV show of all time. In honour of it’s final ever episode, I thought I would talk about why I adore this show so much.

For those of you fellow Bunch of Fans, you might be wondering why I am talking about this now, when the final episode aired two months ago. The answer is that I wasn’t ready to let the show go so as soon as I watched the final episode, I decided to go back and watch the whole show again slowly to take it all in again. I have re-watched seasons 1 and 2 multiple times but I had never re-watched the final two seasons so I thought why not just rewatch the whole show.


I feel like I was destined to love this show. As soon as the first season became available on UK Netflix, I binged the whole thing in one go and fell in love. I am a big fan of musical theatre (thanks to Glee for that) and I love the spin that this takes on it. It is a tribute to musical theatre but it also a parody which I adore. It has some absolutely fantastic songs that I listen to on a daily basis. My personal favourites include You Stupid Bitch, Let’s Generalise About Men, I Go To The Zoo, What’ll It Be?, A Diagnosis and so much more. Honestly, I don’t know how they managed to write so many absolutely fantastic songs.

Over the years, I’ve realised that my favourite shows to watch are comedy. In fact, 99% of the shows that I enjoy nowadays are strictly comedic shows. Crazy Ex Girlfriend does comedy in such a unique way. When re-watching it, I realised that so many of initial jokes went completely over my head but now I have a greater appreciation for it. I love how  in the first season, Rebecca is talking constantly about feminism and putting yourself first even though her actions and obsession over Josh could be seen as doing the opposite.


Other than being hilarious, it does delve into the topic of mental health so well. The mental health aspect of it is not something you would gather if you just read the blurb for the first season but it slowly grows into a bigger element and it becomes the main focus in seasons 3 and 4. I love how openly the show talks about therapy and anti-depressants. It doesn’t even just talk about mental health, it talks about other issues that are never really fully touched on in TV such as abortion and female pleasure.

The characters make or break any story for me and the absolutely fantastic characterisation in this show is another contributing factor to my love for it. Rebecca is flawed. She’s not perfect. She makes absolutely god awful decisions and at times, she can be extremely annoying and you may hate her. But she’s realistic. I also loved seeing the growth that we get in the other characters especially Josh, Nathaniel and Valencia. I am Team Nathaniel all the way and I absolutely love his character arc and how it played out. My favourite character is probably Paula though. She’s badass and frikkin amazing and Donna Lynne Champlin has the most beautiful voice.


I also really enjoyed how even though Rebecca is the main character, almost every character gets a moment in the spotlight. We got full episodes dedicated to Nathaniel and Maya. Every character gets a well developed arc and most get their own songs, including side characters such as Tim and Jim. My only wish is that White Josh got more of a focus on him because I think he is amazing and I wish we saw more of him, outside of his relationships and snarky comments.

Whilst I wasn’t fully happy with how the show ended, it will still always hold such a special place in my heart. I’m going to miss it so much and I’m going to need to find a new musical TV show to watch since this started the year that Glee ended so I haven’t had a time in my life without a musical show since 2010. I’ll probably end up watching Glee and Crazy Ex Girlfriend again and again to fill the void.


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