My Bookmark Collection

I am a bookmark hoarder. I have got so many bookmarks from so many different places that I never get rid of. So I thought it would be interesting for me to showcase all of them to you guys in various different categories. Beware, I own a lot. Also, I’m really trying hard to learn how to take good photos with good lighting in my room but some of these photos may not be great because my room is just not designed to take photos in. Anyway. let’s jump into my insane hoard of bookmarks. My bookmarks are held in two separate mugs with my main ones being held in this Hamilton mug from Illumicrate.



IMG_3006These were the first bookmarks that I ever owned and used hence why they are so broken and such a mess. I don’t think Waterstones sell these designs anymore but they used to be like £1 and they are magnetic but they can also just be slipped into the books. I loved them and you can clearly see that I had 4 Harry Potter versions and 1 High School Musical related one that was 20p on sale so I obviously had to get it.




I have received two bookmarks from my Illumicrate boxes in the past. The first one was in the first ever Illumicrate box that is inspired by Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin which was the book for that month. I have not read it yet and actually got rid of my copy of the book but the bookmark is stunning so I kept it.The other Illumicrate one that I have is from their November box and it is a woodmark inspired by Warcross by Marie Lu. I love this woodmark especially since I loved Warcross so much. This is actually the only wood mark that I have but I really love having them.



IMG_3018Another book subscription box that I have tried is Fairyloot and every Fairyloot box comes with a bookmark. I have had three of their boxes in total which were March, April and May in 2018. I really love the artwork on these and I think they’re so useful to use.

Specific Book Related:

IMG_3008These are all bookmarks related to specific books. I have a lot of these. As you can probably see in the image, I have 3 Illuminae bookmarks which is crazy. I’m using my bookmark for The Mortal Instruments currently for my Shadowhunter re-read as shockingly, it is the only Shadowhunter related bookmark that I own. Also pictured are bookmarks for; Dark Days by Kate Ormand (which is also signed by her), Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton, Scar by Alice Broadway, My True Love Gave to Me edited by Stephanie Perkins, The Wicked King by Holly Black, The Next Together by Lauren James, Geek Girl by Holly Smale, Trouble by Non Pratt, The One Memory of Flora Banks by Emily Barr(which I have not read), The Fault In Our Stars(film) by John Green, The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness (which I have also not read), The Lux series by Jennifer L Armentrout and finally a double sided one with both books by Jennifer Niven.

Publisher Related:

IMG_3014I’m calling this a very loose category of books that are specifically publisher related. In this picture I have bookmarks for Chapter 5, Books with Bite, My Kinda Book and Harper360 UK. I also have a YA book prize bookmark for when Trouble was nominated.

Harry Potter:

IMG_3016This category consists of some more of my Harry Potter bookmarks. Harry Potter pops up in a bunch of these categories but these are all of the random Harry Potter ones that don’t fit into the other categories. First I have the Lord Voldemort bookmark that came with my Voldemort wand pen that I bought in 2012. I then have my bookmark for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child which I use a lot. I also have a Slytherin bookmark that my friend gave me as a present as well as two Slytherin magnetic bookmarks from the Harry Potter studio tour. This picture just screams Slytherin and I love it.


IMG_3020When you order from some online book retailers, you usually get a free bookmark as well. I don’t have many of these but I do have two bookmarks from Blackwells that are almost idential as well as two from Wordery. The first time I ever ordered from Wordery, I just so happened to get a Harry Potter related bookmark that I absolutely adore because I think Harry looks so adorable. In a recent order from them, I received a book bucket list challenge bookmark full of books that I should read before I die. When looking at the list, I’m happy it’s not all classics. It features The Fault In Our Stars and The Hate U Give which was surprising.


IMG_3025This is a small collection of bookmarks that I have received as gifts, which covers the next three categories actually. This is full of random bookmarks that came as gifts. The first is Ariel Bissett’s bookmark that she gave to me when I saw her at a Birmingham book event back in 2015. Then I have this pad of bookmarks that I think are so cute but I’ve never actually used because I don’t tend to write on bookmarks. Next to that I have this cute flowery one that a family friend made for me and a sweets related holographic one that my friend gave me as a present. I had a similar one that was themed around space that my mum has borrowed off of me(my mum and sister have borrowed quite a few so this isn’t my complete collection obviously). Then at the bottom, this is probably my favourite bookmark of them all. This is handpainted bookmark that my cousins got made for me when they went on holiday to Turkey. The only issue with it is that the first time I used it, the ink ran onto the book so I’ve been scared to use it since but I still absolutely adore it.

Cardboard Gifts:

IMG_3021This is a collection of bookmarks that I got as a gift from a friend that I use a lot. They’re so useful and they don’t break as easily as others. Three of them are themed around Harry Potter which each one focused on a different member of the Golden Trio with a famous quote from each of them. The other three are disney themed with famous quotes from the films. They are based on Aladdin, Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast.


IMG_3019This is a small collection of bookmarks from various different places. The top one is one that a family friend gave to me but I cannot remember where it came from. The middle one is one that I bought myself when we went on a family holiday to Istanbul because I just thought it was really pretty. This might be my most used bookmark because it’s really sturdy and stunning. The bottom one is a gift from a friend when she went on holiday to Morrocco that I love but the tassel can be irritating when I’m out and about with the book. I also do have another bookmark from Morrocco from when my parents went but my mum borrowed that one too.


IMG_3026The final category consists of two separate Shakespeare related ones that I have. I’m not really a Shakespeare fan but when I went to Stratford-upon-Avon, I had to pick one up. The first is one that my sister bought me when she went on a trip which is really sturdy and useful. The second smaller pink one is one that I bought myself when I went because I just love the quote. I used to use this in my academic planner in school to keep it on the right week and it’s just so stunning. However, I don’t tend to use magnetic bookmarks when I’m reading because I’m scared they will damage the pages.



Those are all of the bookmarks that I own. Do you have a lot too? Are you a hoarder like me? Or are you one of these people who rarely uses bookmarks and just uses whatever is close to them? Let me know down below.


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