The Mortal Instruments Vs The Infernal Devices

So recently I was thinking about what blog post to write when I came across this TID vs TMI tag on Booktube. I thought it would be an interesting post to write considering you guys know how much I love the Shadowhunter world. However, I would like to just state now that it’s slightly obvious that The Infernal Devices are so much better to me and I’ve said this since I read the books. But I thought it would still be interesting to see how my love for TID breaks down against TMI in a series of situations. I’d also just like to say that there might be slight spoilers for the books in this post so proceed with caution.

Favourite Main Character: Tessa or Clary

This is a no-brainer to me. Tessa is one of my favourite characters of all time whereas I’ve always really hated Clary. She was one of my main problems with the Mortal Instruments series to begin with because I found her irritating and she never listened to what anyone said. Tessa was more rational and a lot more like me so I really loved her as a protagonist.

Favourite Herondale: Will or Jace?

This is again a no-brainer for me because I’m also not a massive fan of Jace. Jace was just irritating and too full of himself in my opinion. Will was a lot better in my opinion. But to be honest, the best male protagonist in the series was obviously Jem who is my love and I will always love him from the bottom of my heart.

Favourite Love Triangle: Simon/Jace/Clary or Will/Jem/Tessa?

This question is so obvious. The Simon/Jace/Clary love triangle was an actual mess whereas the Will/Jem/Tessa love triangle is the best love triangle ever written in my opinion. No love triangle in the history of love triangles will ever come close to Will/Jem/Tessa, sorry not sorry.

Better Villain: Sebastian or The Magister?

This is where the Mortal Instruments might win. Sebastian in my opinion was a scarier villain than the Magister because he was so twisted and I had no idea what he would do next. In my opinion, one of the biggest downfalls of the TID series is the fact that The Magister was not scary enough. The only villainous act of his that really got to me was buying up all of the yin fen which was just so horrible but not enough to make him scarier than Sebastian.

Better Army: The Dark Army or The Clockwork Army?

I’m going to be real here and admit that I don’t remember much of the dark army whereas I re-read TID recently so the clockwork army would have to win mainly because the dark army weren’t memorable enough. Also the clockwork army lacked mercy which made them scarier to me.

Better First Book: City of Bones or Clockwork Angel?

This is quite obviously Clockwork Angel. Let’s be real and admit that City of Bones was a terrible book, there’s no hiding from that. It holds a special place because it was my first Cassandra Clare book and my introduction to the Shadowhunter world but it was a trash book. Whereas, her writing had improved so much by Clockwork Angel so it was miles better.

Better Female Sidekick: Isabelle or Cecily?

This would have to go to Isabelle because Cecily wasn’t really much of a female sidekick. Isabelle is one of my favourite characters in the Mortal Instruments because I think she’s badass and whilst Cecily is cool, she isn’t at Izzy’s level.

Better Setting: New York Institute or London Institute?

This would have to go to the London Institute for me because London is much more special for me since I live close and I have been so many times. Also the way Cassie writes Victorian London is so special and beautiful.

Better Conclusion: Clockwork Princess or City of Heavenly Fire?

Clockwork Princess. Hands down. No competition. No book has managed to  break me apart as much as Clockwork Princess. It is honestly one of the most heart-wrenching and perfect conclusions to a trilogy I have ever read and no conclusion will be able to match it in my opinion.

Surprise surprise, The Infernal Devices won. I expected that from the beginning as I love that series a lot more but at least not every answer was the Infernal Devices. I really enjoyed writing this post and let me know down below which series you prefer.


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