Top Ten Friends Episodes

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

This week was a freebie week and since I’m trying to branch out and do some non-bookish posts occasionally, I thought that I would do a Friends related post. If you have read my post about friends and my post about my favourite TV shows, you will know that Friends is my favourite TV show of all time. As friendsfest is happening this weekend in London, I thought I would share with you my top ten favourite friends episodes. Be warned however because this list was incredibly hard to compile. Narrowing it down to 10 was very hard, therefore this list is not in order of favourites because I couldn’t possibly do that. Instead, it is in chronological order of when the episodes aired. This will have spoilers for Friends of course.

everybody starts looking at meMy first favourite Friends episode is of course, The Pilot. How could I not include it on my list? The pilot episode is just such an iconic episode that will always be one of my favourites just because it was the first episode that made me fall in love with the show. I loved getting to meet every character and seeing what they were like. I loved the little jokes they had about everything especially Rachel and her wedding.

Next I have to pick The One Where No One’s Ready which was actually the cheapest episode of them all as it all takes place in Monica and Rachel’s apartment could I be wearing any more clothesand it only stars the 6 main characters. I loved this format because it was incredibly different yet very funny. I love everything about this episode but in particular the Joey and Chandler storyline because it cracks me up every time.

miss chaanandler bongNext I have another well loved episode and that is The One With The Embryos. Whilst I do like Phoebe’s storyline in this episode, it is the storyline with the rest of them that I love the most. I love the game that they play and I loved seeing how much they knew each other. I laugh a lot in this episode simply because of Rachel, Monica, Joey and Chandler.

Next I have The One With Ross’s Sandwich which is another iconic comedic episode simply because of Ross. Ross you ate my sandwichisn’t my favourite character out of the 6 but I really loved him in season 5 with his anger and awkwardness. This episode just shows off how hilarious Ross can be and it also shows off what a great actor David Schwimmer is.

chandler monica hug smileThis next one is probably my most watched episode of Friends and that is The One Where Everybody Finds Out. Season 5 is my favourite season so whenever I feel like watching some Friends, I generally turn on season 5. This episode just shows off the talents of all 6 actors as they all have their moments to shine in this episode. It is comedic gold.

Then I have The One With Unagi which is a great episode that really shows off the bond between Ross, Phoebe and unagiRachel as friends as the episode really focuses on them. I loved seeing them interact and seeing how crazy Ross became in this episode.

I'm fineNext I have The One Where Ross Is Fine which is another episode that just shows off how fabulous Ross can be as he tries to cope with the idea of Joey and Rachel together. It’s a very funny episode and I love that kind of awkward humour that Ross has in this episode.

Next I picked The One Where Joey Speaks French. I love Joey and I love his jokes and how stupid he can be sometimes. This episode in particular is one of myjoey milk gallons favourite Joey moments. Joey shows off just how funny he can be as does Phoebe.

crap bagThen I picked The One With Princess Consuela as this is a great episode for Phoebe to shine. I love Phoebe as a character and I love her weird and wacky style and humour. I also love Phoebe and Mike so I loved this episode because I got to see them be adorable and cute.

Finally I had to pick The Last One. It is another iconic episode in TV history because it was the last one. It makes you door fade outlaugh but it will also make you feel emotional because it was the last one.

So those are my top ten Friends episodes. Are you a mad Friends fan like me?

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