The Best Friend Book Tag ft PriyaPiggle

Last week a tag was created over on BookTube by TheBitterProductions and Benjaminoftomes called the Best Friend Book Tag and after watching it, I immediately asked my best friend Priya to do the tag with me. The tag was originally designed for YouTube but we’ve somehow made it work in blog format. How the tag works is that there is a list of topics and you have to guess what the other person’s answer would be and whoever gets the most right wins. How me and Priya have done it is that on this post, you will see her guesses and what my answers really are and if you go over to her post you’ll see my guesses and what her answers are. If you follow me but you don’t follow Priya, I strongly recommend you do because her blog is awesome.

Favourite Paranormal Romance

 Priya’s guess was Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare yet this wasn’t my choice because in my opinion it doesn’t count as a paranormal romance. I class The Infernal Devices as an urban fantasy series. Therefore my choice was not from that series but it was in fact Silver Shadows by Richelle Mead, the 5th book in the bloodlines series. This is a recent read but I absolutely adore this series and this has got to be my favourite one out of the whole series. It just makes me happy when I’m reading it and it’s just so fabulous and badass. I can’t even form words about why I love this series. If you want to know more about my thoughts, click here to see my review.

Oh look Priya, you got one wrong. :)
Oh look Priya, you got one wrong. 🙂

Favourite Dystopian

Priya’s original guess was Crown of Midnight by Sarah J Maas. We then disagreed about whether this counted as a dystopian book. I made her choose another one and she struggled. She spent about 10 minutes debating about what it was and complaining about how hard this is. Finally she decided to just say The Hunger Games(and she was sure she was 99% wrong) and she was in fact correct! I’m a fan of many dystopians but The Hunger Games will always remain my favourite(really Catching Fire is my favourite but I just went with the general series instead of a particular book). I don’t know why but something about The Hunger Games is just amazing and it will always hold a special place in my heart.

Yay! You got it right :D
Yay! You got it right 😀

Favourite Contemporary

Anyone who knows me at all would know that Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, which is a contemporary novel, is my favourite book of all time so of course Priya guessed correctly. I love Fangirl so much and I could talk for ages about why so instead just go check out my review if you’re interested.

You know me well so enjoy Darren.
You know me well so enjoy Darren.

Favourite Lead Female

I thought Priya would find this really easy but she did slightly struggle. She did finally settle on Celaena Sardothien from Throne of Glass and she was in fact correct. Celaena is definitely my favourite female lead because she is so kick ass yet funny. I love Throne of Glass so much, mainly because Celaena is such a fun character to read about.

I think you should give yourself a self five.
I think you should give yourself a self five.

Favourite Lead Male

This  one caused some debate and confusion over who actually counted in this category. We just decided to say that any male character who the book does focus on at points counts. Priya took a guess that my favourite would be Jem Carstairs from The Infernal Devices and of course she was correct. I love Jem a lot(as is evident in my list of my top fictional crushes) and I could honestly talk about him all day because he is just that fabulous but I shall not bore you with that. If you haven’t read this series, go read it now.

Favourite Trilogy

This category was again one that I thought was quite easy . Priya’s guess was The Infernal Devices and she was correct obviously. The Infernal Devices is competing with the Throne of Glass series to be my favourite series of all time but it is most definitely my favourite trilogy. It has everything I could ever want in a series and I love it oh so very much.

Favourite Standalone

This one was again fairly easy. Mine is of course Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell and of course Priya got it right. If she didn’t, I would have been very worried about whether or not she knew me. As I mentioned earlier, I adore Fangirl and if you want to know more about why go check out my review which I linked above.

Favourite Author

This one was again quite easy. Anyone who knows me will know that Rainbow Rowell is my favourite author so of course Priya got it right. I love Rainbow Rowell a lot and if you want to know more about why check out my post about being a Rainbow Rowell fangirl and my post about meeting Rainbow Rowell.

Now I'm just inserting random gifs because I want to.
Now I’m just inserting random gifs because I want to.

Favourite Book Made Into A Movie

We took this to mean our favourite book to movie adaptation. When I originally saw this I immediately said that mine was A Walk to Remember but then Priya reminded me that while I love the movie and the book, the movie wasn’t very true to the book so I had to choose another one. Priya’s guess was Catching Fire and while that was a close second, it isn’t my top book to movie adaptation. My favourite book to movie adaptation is definitely The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I love the book and the movie very dearly. The movie was done incredibly well and it makes me emotional every time.

I guess the streak of being right is over.
I guess the streak of being right is over.

Favourite Love Scene In A Book

Priya’s guess was the scene in Lola and the Boy Next Door with the moon and the stars. However, while I absolutely adored that scene, I have to say my favourite love scene in a book is the scene in Fangirl where Cath reads the Outsiders out loud to Levi. Yes another answer that is Fangirl related. This scene was so amazing and romantic. I just want my own Levi already.

You were getting them all right!
You were getting them all right!

Book You Disliked

Priya’s guess was Little Women because she remembers when I was forced to read that in year 9 for school and I absolutely despised it. However that is not my most hated book. That would have to go to It’s Not Summer Without You by Jenny Han, the final book in the Summer I Turned Pretty trilogy. While I hated this whole series, this one just took the biscuit. Thinking about it makes me very angry because it was just so annoying. Urgh.

I'm judging Jenny Han for writing that series.
I’m judging Jenny Han for writing that series.

Favourite Villain

We took this to mean the villain that we actually love but we probably shouldn’t. Priya’s guess was Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter however he was not my answer. In fact, I didn’t even think of him. My favourite villain is in fact Warner Anderson from the Shatter Me series. I love Warner so very much, even in the first book. I really shouldn’t have liked him but I just couldn’t help falling in love with him.

Favourite Love Triangle

While I thought mine was pretty obvious, Priya did slightly struggle with it. She finally took a guess and guessed the love triangle from The Infernal Devices between Jem, Will and Tessa and she was correct. This love triangle was just written so perfectly and amazingly. I didn’t get annoyed with it at all during the books and I didn’t hate any of them. That dear authors, is how you write a love triangle.

Priya in the end got 8 out of 13 which is very good. If you want to know how I did, go over to Priya’s blog and read her post. Now it’s time to tag people. Since me and Priya know similar people, we’ve decided to tag 6 people altogether. I’m going to be tagging 3 of them and Priya will be tagging the other three. The three people I’m going to tag are:

So you guys need to go grab your best friend and see how much they know about your favourite books! Thank you for reading and make sure you’ve checked out Priya’s blog!

I love you Priya! You did amazingly :D
I love you Priya! You did amazingly 😀








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