Talented by Sophie Davis

Recently, I received a digital copy of Talented by Sophie Davis for review. I just finished it and I absolutely loved it. If you don’t know what this book is about, here’s the synopsis:

Block it out. Impossible for Talia Lyons. When you’re a Mind Manipulator, it’s hard enough to block the thoughts of others, let alone your own.

Block it out. The pounding, siren-ready world Talia inhabits as she trains with her fellow Hunters, the country’s top-secret covert operatives. The physical demands. The emotional toll.

Block it out. The secrets that Talia’s boyfriend is hiding. Talia’s unbidden feelings of frustration and annoyance toward her teammate, the Casanova of the compound. The wondering why she cares what he thinks.

Block him out. Ian Crane. The man behind the bloodshed marring Talia’s memories of her murdered parents. The man she’s determined to kill.

Block it all out. Focus.

Talented is an emotionally raw Dystopian Romance, about the life of a girl with extraordinary psychic powers, and what happens when a heart is torn between love and rage.

I absolutely adored this book which is quite unusual for me to do about Dystopian Romances but it was so amazing. Let’s get on to the review.

The world that Sophie Davis creates in Talented is extraordinary. It was amazing to read about all the different Talents and the world in general. I, however, must admit that my least favourite parts of the book were when we were finding out about the history of the Talents and how they came to be. It did give an interesting view and it was intriguing to find out about it all but it did read slightly like information dumping.

Talia was an interesting main character. She was strong and she had a goal in life. She had gone through some painful stuff and that definitely showed. A slightly annoying about her was how easily she got distracted by the guys in her life. At times she would focus a lot more and her relationship issues rather than the mission that she wanted to complete. Though if I’m being completely honest, I generally enjoyed the romantic parts a lot more (I blame that on my new found love for romance novels).

The side characters were all amazing. Erik and Henri were both fabulous. Henri was like an older brother to Talia and I loved that. He’s one of the few male characters in YA novels that won’t in some way have some sort of romantic connection to the main character( I hope not anyway). As soon as we met Erik, I knew that he would play an important role in her life and I was right. For some reason when I was reading about him, I imagined his personality to be slightly like a mix between Will  from the Infernal Devices and Warner from Shatter Me. That might just be because I loved them two and I can already see myself falling in love with Erik over the course of the series. I loved the introduction of Penny. It is unusual for a main character in a dystopian YA novel to have a close girl friend. It was interested to see Penny, who is a very girly girl, interact with Talia. I can’t wait to see her develop over the series.

After reading the ending, I immediately picked up the next book, Caged, as I also got that to review. It ended on somewhat of a cliffhanger and I didn’t even take a break between them two because I just needed to carry on reading about these characters. I’m very excited to read on, however for people in the UK, these books are only available on the kindle so that is very irritating. I want to read them all but I don’t know if I will be able to. 😦

You should all definitely go pick this up if you live in the US or you have a kindle. Talented is actually free for the kindle at the moment so definitely go read it. It’s amazing and I can’t wait to carry on. I would give this a 4.75 stars out of 5 stars. I loved it so much and I recommend it to everyone, especially if you are a fan of Shatter Me as I can see many similarities.



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