City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare

Yes, it’s a review for City of Heavenly Fire. The book is finally here. I’ve waited so long for this day and I’ve read it all. I have so much to say about this book and honestly I can’t write a non-spoilery review for this book because I need to discuss everything in this book. So if you haven’t read the whole Mortal Instruments series and the whole Infernal Devices trilogy, here’s where you leave. But seriously read Cassandra Clares’ books because they are absolutely fabulous and they improve a lot. Don’t give up after City of Bones, they improved so much. Now go if you haven’t read it because so many spoilers. This review is going to be all over the place because there is so much to talk about.

If you’re here, I’m guessing you’ve survived City of Heavenly Fire. Honestly, it wasn’t too bad. It wasn’t a bloodbath as she had let on.  I had waited so long for this book as I read City of Lost Souls back in 2012 and honestly it was a big wait. This isn’t one of my favourite series and it does really annoy me but I really wanted to know what happened. I had to wait an extra day as it came out an extra day in the UK and then when I went to go pick it up first thing, the order hadn’t come and I had to wait an extra 3 hours! Having to waste time in town for 3 hours and wait for the book was just painful. Then when I came home, I couldn’t read it because my brother became ill and I had to look after him. I read it slowly but I got through it. Now lets start with the review because I have a lot to discuss.

Okay, Clary. I never liked Clary at all in the other books because she was really annoying  but in this book, she changed a lot. I actually started admiring her, which is slightly crazy. She was being strong and actually thinking a lot of her actions through. Most of her scenes were actually really interesting. I’m not sure what else to say about her so lets move on.

Okay the first death was Jordan. Honestly I was expecting either Jordan or Maia to die and honestly I never really cared for him. I was slightly upset but honestly I just wanted to know what was happening with Simon because I loveeeee Simon. But finding out that Maia was going to break up with him was odd because I saw them as a couple that just stayed together. There was less of Maia in this book but I honestly didn’t mind. I did enjoy the fact that she became head of the pack because I think she deserved it but honestly, I never really cared that much about her.

Maureen is freaking mental. I swear to god, I still don’t understand how the hell she killed Camille in CoLS because Camille is such a big vampire who has lived for so many years and Maureen is just some random 13 year old girl. Her obsession with Simon is just crazy. When she put him in tight leather pants, a white puffy shirt and eyeliner, I died. I couldn’t stop laughing. Out loud. But then when she came out dressed as a Disney princess, it just confirmed how mental she was. I’m so glad that she died because honestly, I hated her.

All the references to The Infernal Devices had me on the floor dying of all the feels. I had not expected Brother Zachariah to be transformed back to Jem early on but I’m so happy he did. All the scenes with him made me squeal a lot because Jem is my favourite male fictional character of all time.  When he was talking with Jace and talking about how the Carstairs owe a debt to the Herondales, I just couldn’t deal with it. My Heronstairs heart was dying of all the feels. Every time they mentioned him, I was just squealing.  In the epilogue when he was at the wedding with Tessa, I was dying on the floor. And when he stole Church. I just can’t deal with all the feels that The Infernal Devices caused me to have. Then when we found out that a ghost had saved the London Institute, I was just there gobsmacked. Jessamine saved them! And then Tessa. She was mentioned a lot but she didn’t really appear a lot but when she did and she had that talk with Tessa and gave the Herondale ring, I just couldn’t deal with it. TOO MANY FEELS!

The fairies were so weird. Reading about the Seelie Queen and Sebastian in bed together made me want to throw up. Finding out the fairies were evil wasn’t all that shocking because they were always untrustworthy. It still creeped me out. This leads me to the third of the six deaths which was Meliorn. I never really cared much for him, I don’t think anyone did. So of course another one of the 6 deaths just went over my head.

I need to talk about Sizzy. Simon is obviously my favourite character and I loved him throughout this whole book. Isabelle and Simon have always been my favourite characters throughout this series and all their scenes were amazing. When he first arrived in Idris and they had their weird romance novel slave scene, I just broke down laughing. Literally, I couldn’t stop laughing. Then drunk ish Simon. Oh dear Simon. When he was drunk on drugged blood I just couldn’t stop laughing. It was quickly overlooked what with Sebastian coming to the city. Then him saving her life by drinking her blood and then their cave scene. Dear lord these two are driving me crazy with feels. Do I have to acknowledge that those last few chapters happened? When Magnus’ father(I didn’t really care much when we found out about who it was) said he had to take away Magnus’ immortality, I thought that this meant that Magnus could live a happy mortal life with Alec but then I realized what it meant and died a little. When Simon volunteered, I screamed a little. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. My Simon couldn’t die.  He just couldn’t. But then he said that he’d survive and I was waiting for the catch and then it came. His memories of the Shadow world. When he went along with it, my little sizzy heart died a little. Then when Clary went up to him and he didn’t recognize her, I was so upset. But then he called his band The Mortal Instruments and I sat there going YESSS. He remembers parts of it. Then Magnus said he can make him a Shadowhunter and I died. When he came to the wedding and they were all happy, I just couldn’t deal with it. It makes me sad that he won’t remember any of the last books but at least now he can live happily with Izzy. I wish we could have seen him as a Shadowhunter. Hopefully all these characters will appear in the Dark Artifices.

That brings me on to my next point. Emma and Julian. I thought they’d just appear in the prologue and that would be it but they were in it quite a lot and I really loved that.  I fell in love with them two as characters and I’m honestly so excited for The Dark Artifices because it is going to be so fabulous. Emma was so strong and reminded me of Will and I loved that. And she’s a Carstairs! Eep! Julian was just so amazing. He cared a lot for all of his family and he looked after them all. Their friendship is beautiful but they shouldn’t have agreed to be parabatai! Emma is so clearly in love with him and we all know that in the Dark Artifices, they fall in love. I’m super excited for it now.

I have to mention Sebastian being creepy don’t I? He was ultimately creepy in this whole book and there are so many moments I could talk about. It was obvious that all he really wanted was acceptance and company. He wanted Clary to rule alongside him willingly because he was lonely. I’m not going to talk about all his bad moments, because there was a lot of those but I need to acknowledge the moment when he came back as Jonathan. We saw what he could have been if Valentine hadn’t messed with his blood and it broke my heart. I was really hoping he would survive and be a normal human but he couldn’t. I think we all kinda started liking Jonathan in the end. We could never really forgive Sebastian for what he did because he caused a lot of pain. But Jonathan was just an innocent boy and it wasn’t really his fault. Poor him.

I need to discuss that Clace sex scene. Okay, I’m not a Clace shipper but a lot of people were waiting for them to have sex but why then? why there?  It was kinda awkward how they did it in the middle of a demon realm. Like why? You guys are in danger!  Also, why the hell did Jace bring a condom with him to the demon realms? Seriously, shouldn’t he have been thinking of essentials for survival when packing? Why, Jace, why?

I’m not sure what else to talk about. The 6 deaths were: Jordan, Meliorn, Maureen, Amatis, Sebastian and Raphael. But honestly, did any of us actually really care for them? There was however a point when I was convinced that Magnus would die but thankfully he didn’t. I loved this book but it was hyped up to be a big bloodbath as the tagline is ‘who will survive?’ but all the characters that everyone actually cared about survived and didn’t suffer many consequences, except for Simon(MY POOR BABY). I did really love it but I can’t believe that it’s over. Super excited for The Dark Artifices right now!


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